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Areas of Focus

We will consider any investment within the global Life Sciences universe. However, we focus our efforts primarily in the areas of:

Medical Technology/Devices

Why Partner with HighCape?

HighCape Capital was formed with a premise that highly talented Life Science executives could identify, grow and help execute a wide range of healthcare-oriented transactions based on their years of experience and success. This ethos also instructs the HighCape SPAC and our approach to partnering with our investment company. A few reasons to consider HighCape:

Significant Public and Private Deal Experience

Our executives, board members and other HighCape team members have >250 combined years of global life sciences industry experience identifying, leading and executing transactions in both the public and private markets.

Ability to Guide and Provide Counsel

Our team possesses diverse skills and experience rarely assembled in an health-care investment firm. We plan to provide management teams with the opportunity to tap into this broad range of executive and execution experience. With team expertise ranging from early stage product development through public market governance and relations, our team can provide guidance and assistance to any management team regardless of their stage in the business life-cycle.

Strong M&A Experience

Our team possess a long track record of transacting both acquisitions and sales involving major global entities such as Shire Pharmaceuticals, Baxter International, Johnson & Johnson, Bristol Myers Squibb and Novo Nordisk. This wealth of experience has also created an extensive network across all segments and geographies in the global Life Sciences industry which is made available to all our management teams

Investment Criteria

While not exhaustive, these are the primary criteria we consider for investments:

Public Market Ready:
Embedded commercial milestones and/or top-line and bottom-line growth potential in the near and long-term

Management Team:
Talented, motived and aligned with equity investors

Commerical Opportunity:
Potential to generate consistent, stable and recurring free cash flow

Competitive Position:
Leading, growing or niche market position in their respective industries

Proven Technology/Product & Strong Data:
History of success in product development and strong market support